Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Concept and a Road Trip...

Wild Wandering Washington started out as a concept from my appreciation of the wild portions and natural beauty of this state. After a career as a Natural Resource Specialist with a long history of scenic and wildlife photography this pursuit simply seemed a natural and engaging fit.
A recent road trip provided my partner, Catherine and I, a chance to Wander Washington corner to corner, north to south. We did it on mostly backroads, at slow speeds. From the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade crests;  farmlands, canyons, coulees, and campgrounds with a few nice towns and several vineyards in between. This blog will be telling stories, posting photos and sharing a bit of info we learned about this 42nd great state that entered the Union on Nov. 11, in 1889, as well as highlighting other areas in this gem of the Pacific Northwest.